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The Shen Foundation


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What is The Shen Foundation?

 "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished" Lao Tse​

At the Shen Foundation, we believe that by connecting with nature and cultivating inner balance, individuals can achieve their goals and positively impact the world around them in a sustainable and harmonious way. Discover our Qi Gong classes and retreats and join us for a life changing journey.

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The Lötschberg Zentrum

Where are we?

Kippel, Switzerland in the Heart of the Swiss Alps


What is the purpose of the Shen Foundation?


At the Shen Foundation, our purpose is centered around the upliftment of humanity and facilitating a profound shift towards what we call New Humanity. Throughout history, mankind has witnessed the rise and fall of civilizations, often reaching a critical point where the delicate balance between the head and the heart becomes disrupted. It is during these moments that the ego, losing its way, succumbs to greed, seeking to dominate and control nature and fellow beings.

Civilizations, much like the life cycle of a flower, reach their zenith and eventually fade away, making room for new ones to emerge. This natural process is inherent to both plant life and human existence on Earth. Our present civilization stands upon the foundation of countless cultures that have come before us. Some have met with disastrous crashes, while others have thrived and evolved.

However, our current civilization finds itself teetering on the edge of a tipping point. The fulcrum of this delicate balance lies in the equilibrium between the head and the heart. Currently, the scale is heavily tipped towards the head, evident in the prevalence of greed and an insatiable hunger for endless profit. The state of the planet and humankind at large reflects the consequences of this imbalance—a world fraught with environmental degradation and human suffering.

Yet, we have been here before. Without addressing this situation, a catastrophic crash becomes inevitable, and some argue that it may already be too late. Nevertheless, we possess the power to make a difference.

Presently, the planet itself is undergoing its own evolution of consciousness, irrespective of our active participation. Although the specifics of this process remain uncertain, as we are an integral part of this interconnected system, it is clear that the better we align ourselves with this transformation, the more favorable it will be for Earth as well.

The Shen Foundation acknowledges that there are as many paths to rediscovering and restoring this essential balance as there are individuals on Earth. This forms the very foundation of what we refer to as New Humanity. It is our hope that each person can forge their own unique version of this harmonious equilibrium within themselves, in due time.


The Shen Foundation's courses


To materialize our vision and aid individuals in their journey towards New Humanity, the Shen Foundation offers practical courses such as "4 Times 4 Health." This transformative program guides participants in relearning the natural flow of energy within their bodies, enabling them to discern optimal times for work and rest. By harmonizing with their own bodies, nature, and the cosmic flow, individuals can alleviate stress, mitigate disease, and cultivate a profound sense of fulfillment.

While the techniques employed in "4 Times 4 Health" may seem deceptively simple, they lead to an ever-deepening understanding of our true nature, unraveling the root causes of disease within our bodies and illuminating the path to healing.

Written by: Lyell McLean Parry

Recommended Books by Dr. Guo Bisong
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Listen to Your Body shows how you can promote health and natural well-being by modifying everyday actions to improve the flow of qi (the universal principle of energy). Breathing, eating, drinking, resting, washing, and many other small but vital actions - if carried out in the right way - can result in profound changes in body function.

To give readers an understanding of the body's own natural medicine, the authors provide a clear explanation of the foundations of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with reference to qi and its flow through the body's meridians, the balance of yin and yang, and the body's energy centres. Readers will learn how to ""tune in"" to the signals the body transmits to warn of impending health problems; numerous case histories illustrate how this highly developed information system of the body works.


Later chapters address the art of relaxation, bringing together the TCM approach to health with recent scientific studies. Finally the authors describe in detail how to apply the natural medicine of the body to daily life. They discuss illness prevention and provide specific guidance for the management of a range of health disorders. Exercises and simple routines are given, together with the basis for their therapeutic effect.

Internal Alchemy is an ancient Daoist practice of self-cultivation. It provides a path to becoming a Daoist Sage; an enlightened individual who lives virtuously and in harmony with society and nature. Such individuals are able to act selflessly for the good of all.

As we stand at a critical point in the development of humanity, with growing disharmony and unease within society and the environment, the need for the Daoist Sage is greater than ever. This book brings together the teachings of Internal Alchemy, through the experience and wisdom of a living Daoist master.Preserving and clarifying the traditional knowledge and practices, while making them relevant to the concerns and events of the modern world.

Through her shared experiences, personal stories and training, the reader will see that the Daoist Sage is not merely an idealised, theoretical concept, but a very real state of attainment that anybody can reach provided that they bring enough dedication and perseverance to their journey.

Contact Us

Feel free to reach out to us via phone call or WhatsApp for any additional information or inquiries. We are excited to hear from you and look forward to the opportunity to connect and meet with you soon.

Lötschberg Zentrum

Hauptstrasse 16, 3917 Kippel Switzerland

+41 76 411 08 58

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