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Ancient Way Of Cultivation

New Way Of Living


The Shen Foundation is launching an experiment called the Home Project. It is a hub for a new humanity, an experiment with a sustainable lifestyle, community and new economic model.

Training & Research:

We are getting together to work on ourselves to see how we can make a new way of life, based on ancient teachings and new technologies which can help the planet and our society to become more harmonious.

We aim to understand deeply how the human being came into this state and how we can change this situation.


Who We Are:


A small group of people from 4 continents, 6 countries and different cultures, who are all concerned about where humanity is heading.

The Shen Foundation has a global goal of uplifting human consciousness through using heart based practices to reconnect people back to themselves, their community and the cosmos.


Part of our mission involves creating community projects which once completed will serve as a module for how the next level and form of society can potentially operate.


Before we fund these projects and get them up and running, we need a base of operations which will serve as a temporary training centre for the staff and public who are resonant with helping us in our mission.


Our goal is to raise the first level of funds for this training facility to see how many people truly feel that the potential of what we are doing is worth investing in and supporting for the future of people and the planet.


We have a team which is fully dedicated to continuing this mission, no matter the time or hurdles encountered, and they have the skills needed to make a real tangible impact in people's lives. Most importantly, they have a selfless heart and want to give love and support to this world! 


But we need your help to believe in our vision so we can get a solid foundation for our training tools and projects as they begin to be utilised by our stakeholders and Universe.


See if you are interested in being a part of our global vision:


For more information about our mission, please see our website and membership page at:

Meet The Team

Our Clients

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