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Qi-Gong Slapping Courses

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Welcome to your slapping course. This slapping routine is a form of qigong which originated in China many hundreds of years ago. It is a simple routine which is suitable for complete beginners up to experienced masters. The strength of this routine lays in its ability to clear blockages from the body. In reality any slapping is going to be somewhat effective at clearing stagnation or blockages from your body so don't be to worried about getting it exactly right. The most important thing for maximum results is to do the practice every single day, however the locations shown in this video are specifically designed to move the energy throughout your body the best. All the best as you move forward through this course and your practise.

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90 Day Pack, 2.800,00 CHF + 10,00 CHF Introduction course


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Slapping Courses

Slapping Courses

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