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4Times4Health Introduction


300 CHF


6x 45 minutes

About the Course

Experience the essence of Qi Gong with our 6-course online program. Designed as an introduction to Qi Gong and the transformative 4Times4Health routine, this course empowers you to listen to your body and cultivate inner harmony.

Through a series of personalized Zoom calls, our experienced instructors will guide you on a journey of self-discovery. Learn how to effectively rest and restore your body through gentle exercises that promote deep relaxation and rejuvenation.

Each Zoom session provides an opportunity to connect with your instructor, while creating a supportive and engaging learning environment. Our instructors will guide you through the foundational principles of Qi Gong, teaching you how to listen to your body's cues and respond with restorative exercises.

This online course is designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule, allowing you to participate from the comfort of your own home. Between sessions, you will receive exercises and guidance tailored to your needs, enabling you to practice and deepen your understanding of Qi Gong at your own pace.

Discover the power of body rest and the transformative potential of Qi Gong. Join our 6-course online program today and unlock a new level of well-being, relaxation, and harmony.

Your Instructor

Brigitte Bürgisser

Brigitte Bürgisser

Meet Brigitte Bürgisser, an inspiring practitioner of Qi Gong, whose journey began in 2017 under the guidance of renowned expert Dr. Guo Bisong. Brigitte's story is one of resilience and healing, having overcome stage 4 Lymphatic cancer with the transformative power of Qi Gong.

Driven by her personal experience, Brigitte's dream was to establish a Shen Foundation center where she could share the profound practices of Qi Gong. She envisioned a space where individuals could embrace a new way of living, empowering their body's natural healing abilities and fostering overall well-being.

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