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This is a network of people who want to contribute with passion to
a New Humanity: 

a new way of looking at our daily priorities,  
with open heart

the contribution each one individually, 
to a more harmonious world,

with a better balance. 

Ying & Yang

The Shen Foundation organizes regular "Fireside chats" with selected speakers, inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt to give Leaders
a platform for exchange.

The Shen Foundation accompanies chosen Leaders with retreats,
private coaching and online coaching on their journey.
This is a place to share common challenges.  

What is The Shen Foundation's role in society?

We are is here to support people with a
mission to uplift Humanity.

The Shen Foundation's uses the Dao (the Way), to overcome
the challenges and learn deeply about how our soul functions.

Work on our virtues, by analyzing, how to reach an understanding of the complexity of the human system and integrate serenity into our life.

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Fireside Chat with Marguerite Barankitse

Fireside Chat with Marguerite Barankitse

Shen Foundation is starting a series of Fireside Chats inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt, to create a wake-up call for our « True Inner Leadership ». Our world has all resources to create a humanity that respects nature, humankind and the planet. Despite our intelligence, we have not been able to bring a well deserved well-being to all of our societies. The question is: Why and how do we treat each other? We lost our divinity. We do not respect ourselves, and by not respecting ourselves, we cannot respect the others. Are we living the "Inner Leadership" as truthfull as we wish to be? In this Fireside Chat we are gathering with Marguerite Barankitse, nominated for numerous awards for her work all over the world, including the Aurora Prize of Awakening Humanity, UNESCO Prize, and the Prize for Conflict Prevention. During her life, she had first hand experience with all types of imaginable barbarisms. We will be analyzing why humans can treat each other this way and try to reflect together on what to do about it. We are all refugees on this earth, looking for our homes in different levels. Our society of overactive individuals has started to become indifferent robots, without any hearts, people stopped caring for each other, instead concentrating on the material growth. What have we achieved globally? We have polluted our world and nature. Too many species are becoming extinct, and the global population is sick with to many chronic illnesses and constantly fleeing disasters. What is missing? Like FDR, the Fireside chat history has been to call people to gather in a crisis situation.
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