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Comment pouvons-nous apprendre à mieux collaborer avec notre côté spirituel ?

You're still listening to much to your mind and not your calmness. Remain calm to receive the right messages and not miss the messages.

When you receive a sign you need to act immediately, without any hesitation. Go for it and take it. Do not wait a second and don't hesitate in your thoughts, about whether it is right or wrong.

Stay in calmness, ask what you need, and it will come, but not the time you expected it. It will come in an odd moment, when your thoughts are busy with other things.

This is the reason why you need to be calm, to be able to focus on the essential and important of what you need to do, to have an open heart to receive the message and act upon it immediately.

We are too distracted and start hesitating and looking for other options, even though what we asked at a certain moment in our lives will be offered to us on a golden plate.

The human has free will and this is the challenge, since he is always doubting and wanting more.

Stay humble and embrace what you have with calmness and open heart. Take it and go into action.

Without calmness, we don't see the signs and we will not be able to react on it. Stay in the bright light, rest, calm your mind and be grateful.

Brigitte Burgisser

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