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How are my virtues in relation to respecting the other people with an open heart?

Not all you think, is right and generous. Insecurities come out of fear.

How to overcome that fear?

Embrace the other and accept his or her proposal, even if at first sight you have doubts of the intention or of the capability.

Embrace the other with the different way of doing.

Embrace the new way of doing and look at the detail and you will see that every person will teach you new things.

You don't know it all.

You're here to learn, with an open heart.

Even if we think, that we are persons open to new things, we tend to be selective and want to only hear and learn what sounds convenient to us.

A new human listens and learns from every single person. There is no limit. He learns from good and bad experiences.

It is to learn to respect the other the way he or she is, unconditionally with its good and bad parts.

Don't block, don't feel superior and arrogant, because you will loose an opportunity, where you might have been a winner.

You don't know, as long as you have not seen, what the other person has in his mind.

You don't know, until the person has realized his dream and his intentions.

When somebody proposes something out of his heart, it comes from a good place and the result will be good.

Our society has learned to block and be arrogant, without respect, showing superiority and only leaving the space to the people who impose themselves.

Many opportunities have been lost to evolve in a more caring and loving way.

To open the heart, is to open myself to every person's proposal and feel the good intention and enthusiasm that is in there.

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