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How can I approach people I don't know well?

There is energy. With some people you feel an immediate compatibility, they come back to your life in different ways. It is to learn something from them.

There are different levels to get to know the person. Listening observing and feeling. With these three informations, you can get a feeling of their preoccupation and where they are at this stage.

By listening to their voice, their expression, the sound, you can feel whether the person is stressed sad happy or worried, reluctant to speak to you or lacking of trust.

By listening to the context of the conversation, you can also get a feeling of what is going on in their heart lacking virtues, fear or much ego.

By feeling the energy of the person you can assume, whether they are tired, worn out or in good and calm spirit.

According to that feeling and your sentiment of the condition of the person you can understand better their reaction and act accordingly, with empathy.

Talk to people with an open heart and interest in them, not interest in yourself.

Feel what they feel and act accordingly.

You will understand better the person who is angry,

not responding or a person who is not trusting.

Interest yourself on the other, not on yourself. This will bring much harmony to you and to the person you are encountering.

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