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How did my life change in the morning, since I apply 4times4health?

I used to get up around 7am, worried and going over all important things I needed to do and all the things that went wrong the day before. Getting up impatient to start my day and accomplish my duties.

Today I get up with the rising sun in summer around 5am in winter later. I start with some journaling, meditation, drink hot water. In winter I take a quick cold shower, in summer I go for a swim in the lake followed by Qi- Gong or Yoga exercises and a big breakfast.

How do I feel today at 9am. That my day has already started peacefully, by first taking care of myself, cherishing nature, calming my mind and feeling, that my day has started with a peaceful energy and ready to face any challenging task.

Before, I felt that I needed to rush out of the house, most of the time, I already had told off my children, because of my own stress and created much stress to my surroundings.

Today I am happy and invigorated and my children feel that peace in me and take over their own responsibilities.

Brigitte Burgisser

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