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How to bring the Dao into your life?

By learning 4Times4Health and about your virtues, related to the ancient knowledge of Chinese medicine, you can monitor your health and detect your actions and thoughts, that are creating your unease,

If you monitor this in a early stage, you can manage to correct your wellbeing, by questioning your actions, your thoughts and behaviors, and so adapt your behavior to get healthy again.

Your health is about keeping a balance in your daily life. Find a middle way in your action, mind and spirituality.

When your body shows an unease, you have to reflect, on your way of living, your habits and patterns of your life, that create this imbalance.

You need to observe your mind, your actions and your spiritual side, to be able to heal yourself.

4Times4health teaches you the tools to do that work, internally and externally.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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