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Microcosm is Macrocosm

👉If you are the Microcosm of what is happening on earth, what is your personal contribution to what is happening in Ukraine and Russia?

🦚It is the way you interact with your family.

🦚It reflects the indifference and the lack of compassion and support of family members.

There is no solidarity anymore between families. One can be sick or have financial issues and there is little compassion or support.

👉Why everyone is battling with his own issues?

🦚Society has become an egoistic individual, forgetting to become a sharing and caring individual.

🦚Material has overtaken the emotions of feeling successful instead of the emotions of love and compassion.

🦚 Society did not realize that we humans need to learn to interact with each other and that material aspect is creating isolation and loneliness.

🦚Sharing is rewarding.

🦚 Caring for each other is light and love.

🦚Being here for each other is soothing to our mind and consciousness.

🦚If you start caring for yourself and your closest ones without material but inner richness, if you learn to do this collectively, depression, burnout, cancer, greed and manipulation will disappear.

🦚This phenomenon of greed, which reins throughout society would disappear.

👉If you work on your own pattern you will be able to change the world.

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