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How powerful are my thoughts?

It is to learn about Love. Love inside and outside you. Observe your thoughts and be vigilant about your thoughts, knowing that every word emits energy. That energy is here, in the vacuum of our universe and is being felt by your fellow humans.

Every thought, action and reaction creates an impulse of good or bad. Even if it is not visible, it is real and has consequences on the other person next to you.

Since this is not visible, you are not conscious about it and you think that you are by yourself with your thought. This is not the case. Your thought emits energy and is visible in your voice, your face expressions, your words, your talk and space.

All your state of mind impacts immediately your next and can influence how the person next to you will react and feel. By learning to observe your thoughts and giving the right importance to your thoughts, you can contribute to the well-being of your direct surroundings.

Why the importance to forgive or not spent too much time analyzing things, that did not happen the way you expected them to be. Be in the present and cherish the very moment.

In meditation, you can create that presence and light in you, with thorough practice and observing your thoughts by embracing them.

Brigitte Burgisser

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