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What does the energy shortage mean ? What is the arrangement behind this division?

Technology is advancing fast and the consumption of electricity is increasing in a rocket movement. The cripto-currency is creating wealth and creating the power shortage.

The power shortage is between the human creation and the lesson for each individual to reflect on his own footprint on earth.

The universe is observing on how much people are willing to close their eyes in their consumption and invention, and create the collapse of the system.

How much greed can you impose for the benefit of a few.

The universe is testing your ability to calm down and reflect on your consumption and the human desire of progress. To which extent, is it progress or auto-destruction.

How many people are waking up to open their heart to protect the human race. You have been empowered to create a society and businesses with free will.

The human has to reflect on what free will means.

  • Is it to get to the point of your own destruction, because of the ambition to progress, without including the wellbeing of each individual person.

  • Do you have the free will to take a break and observe, in which direction you are going?

Mother earth is talking to you calm down, and reflect, on what you are inventing. There is only a limited amount of money each individual can spend. Money is only an energy of power.

Power is taking over your society. The power of a few individuals, who are pushing the form of progress, without looking for the wellbeing of the population, nor wellbeing of mother earth.

These are times to wake up, and open your hearts to each other, embrace nature, stay in calmness and take care of each other.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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