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Why is calmness envigorating my life?

When I was in the middle of my deep distress of my life, in the middle of getting a chimiotherapy treatment, my biggest challenge was my mind.

My thoughts were not stopping with negativity, it was a complete bombardment, which could not cease being active.

Why does es our mind function like that?

In 57 years you have lived very intensively, being exposed to many events that build up impressions and memories.

It is very important to live events, good or bad, in a peaceful way.

If you encounter anger, frustration, grief or anxiety, this will remain part of your imprint and it will take time to heal.

If you have the chance to be loving caring in your thoughts, regardless of what happens, your inner strength and love will protect you from much evil and illness.

Our thoughts go immediately to our body, they are transmitted to our 85 % of water and converted into beautiful crystals or disruptive crystals, as the scientist Masuru Emoto describes it, in his research "Messages from Water".

Our thoughts have immediate effect on our body and our well-being.

Learn to be peaceful and calm and embrace every situation in life, with kindness and compassion.

Brigitte Burgisser

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