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100 day Serenity & Harmony Program

by Shen Foundation

  • 90 hr
  • 2,900 Swiss francs
  • Lötschberg and Online

Service Description

Introduction: Embark on a transformative journey with Shen Foundation, cultivating serenity and harmony in daily life. Drawing from 3000 years of wisdom, including Traditional Chinese Medicine, the DAO, teachings of Lao Tse, Confucianism, and Buddha, this program nurtures self-love, inner peace, and physical well-being. Program Overview: Year 1: 4Times4Health Integration Seamlessly integrate 4Times4Health exercises into daily life, promoting balance and stress reduction. Accompanied by Lyell Parry and Brigitte Burgisser, create harmony in personal surroundings. Year 2: Organic Clock & Continued Healing Study the organic clock, listening to your body's messages for self-correction and healing. Continue 4Times4Health for holistic well-being, aligning with the rhythm of life. Year 3: Virtues, Organs & Holistic Practice Explore five virtues - Altruism, Integrity, Respect, Wisdom, and Trust - and their relation to organs, the organic clock, and 4Times4Health. Attain inner peace, becoming a source of love and care for others. Aim: Finding Inner Peace & Service Discover inner peace and serenity, enabling self-healing to be of service to others. Cultivate balanced energy, spreading love and care for a harmonious existence. Course Structure & Costs: Each quarter (100 days) costs CHF 2900 or donation-based. Freedom to drop out anytime, embracing teaching based on free will. Quarterly Inclusions: 1-hour weekly personal session (Zoom or at The Lötschberg ). Daily WhatsApp message coaching. 2 Week-ends at The Lötschberg in the Swiss Alps. Free membership with access to materials, meditations, podcasts, exercises, reading, and movie suggestions. Participation in weekly Wednesday Zoom meetings discussing Lao Tse quotes and their relevance in daily lives. Course Facilitators: Courses led by Lyell Parry and Brigitte Burgisser, enriched by insights from Dr. Guo Bisong, founder of The Shen Foundation. Conclusion: Embark on this transformative journey to discover inner peace, self-healing, holistic well-being, and a path to being of service to others.

Contact Details

  • Hauptstrasse 16 3917 Kippel


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