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Join the Shen Community

Join the Shen Community and immerse yourself in a great experience of spiritual growth, shared activities, and the power of community. We invite individuals who are passionate about learning and interested in contributing their skills to various projects on our premises, including gardening, painting, cooking, cleaning, or any other task we may need assistance with for four hours a day, five days a week.

In exchange for your valuable assistance, we provide comfortable accommodation in a single bedroom with a private bathroom. We kindly request a financial contribution for the food and electricity provided during your stay.

While actively participating in our community projects, you will also have the opportunity to engage in daily meditations, breath-taking hikes, and other activities if desired. We foster an environment that values shared experiences and learning, where everyone works on tasks they enjoy or wish to explore.

At the Shen Foundation, there is no hierarchy. We believe in cultivating harmony and compassion, which serve as the pillars of our community. We welcome like-minded participants who seek to deepen their understanding of spirituality, forge meaningful connections, and embrace the sense of unity that arises when everyone contributes their unique talents and passions.

Join the Shen Community today and discover the joy of harmonious collaboration and a profound sense of belonging.

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