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This is a network of people who want to contribute with passion to
a New Humanity: 

a new way of looking at our daily priorities,  
with open heart

the contribution each one individually, 
to a more harmonious world,

with a better balance. 

Ying & Yang

The Shen Foundation organizes regular "Fireside chats" with selected speakers, inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt to give Leaders
a platform for exchange.

The Shen Foundation accompanies chosen Leaders with retreats,
private coaching and online coaching on their journey.
This is a place to share common challenges.  

What is The Shen Foundation's role in society?

We are is here to support people with a
mission to uplift Humanity.

The Shen Foundation's uses the Dao (the Way), to overcome
the challenges and learn deeply about how our soul functions.

Work on our virtues, by analyzing, how to reach an understanding of the complexity of the human system and integrate serenity into our life.

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