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Fireside Chat

Shen Foundation is starting a series of Fireside Chats inspired by Franklin D. Roosevelt,
to create a wake-up call for our

« True Inner Leadership ».

Our world has all resources it needs to create a humanity that respects nature, humankind and the planet. Despite our intelligence, we have not been able to bring about balanced well-being to all members of our societies.  

Marguerite Barankitse 

Our speaker, nominated for numerous awards, including the Aurora Prize of Awakening Humanity, UNESCO Prize, and the Prize for Conflict Prevention, has experienced first hand all types of imaginable atrocities. 


We will be addressing why humans can't treat each other this way and try to reflect together on what to do about it.


We have all become refugees on this earth, looking for our home. 


Our society of overactive individuals have become like indifferent robots, without any heart, and mostly concentrating on material growth.  


Like FDR, the Fireside chat history would like to call people to gather in a crisis situation.

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