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A new way of being sustainable

🧘‍♀️ Be in the void without feeling guilty. It is resting time. Things that need to be done, will come to you. Be patient and grateful.

🌎 Earth is quiet and very regular. You have the seasonal cycles, which never change. The change comes in a small way, if you consider the complexity of the planet. It has a rhythm and then again it's never repetitive.

🏄‍♀️ You need to learn from earth, to be present and be in the presence. To observe and stay serene.

🍁 Despite the hot weather, fall is arriving and the plants finishing their cycle. The natural world is respecting its cycles, despite pollution. You need to learn to be like mother earth. Even if the world goes around crazy, stay in the rhythms of your body and nature, and observe.

💃🏻 Respect the way your body has been constructed. Follow your calling and keep peace in your mind. Create changes in the flow, not pushing and overthinking. Use your intelligence only for the execution, and go with the flow.

The Shen Foundation

Lötschberg Zentrum, Kippel (CH)

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