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Be true to yourself

This is a time of chaos. Deep issues in you coming up to be cleaned up. Repeating patterns, which have not been resolved and showing up into the surface to tell you to fix it.

Why? To clean and get to the next level. Stop being a pleaser and stay focused into your mission. Your prostitute archetype is showing up into the surface again. Anger starting to accumulate. Embrace your emotions, they are fine, to be able to identify them.

Be in inner peace, knowing that you are in a learning process, staying calm and centered.

That is one of the most difficult aspects the human race needs to learn, because you are exposed to your ego and your fear of not being loved the way you are.

This is the platform to learn to become the truest of yourself, without changing your most inner desire and ambition. To be centered and working on your ego.

Obtain a balanced self-love, with total integrity to yourself, to show the best of yourself to you. Be vigilant to not become a pleaser to the others, to obtain the gratification and increase your ego.

It is about not being egocentric. It is about being true to yourself.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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