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Changing Times

We are in a transition time of learning to live with compassion and love, to learn to be calm and settled, to visualize priorities from a new angle.

🌟 It's a time of change, a change in yourself, out of the box of your current teachings, and much more meaningful, than you were told to do.

🌟 It's about how to learn to connect with each other, and learn to be respectful and attentive.

🌟It's not only about you, it's about us as a society, as a group of friends, as a group of people working together, with compassion love and serenity.

🍀 Participate to the change of humanity for a better world and for a better place.


🎁 Learn to think in a different way.

  • Bring light to your thoughts, when they are dark.

  • Confront your fears with courage and work on them.

  • Detect your habit you need to change.

  • Be grateful to your challenges and use them as a learning platform, to evolve to the next level and so create more harmony around you.

  • Observe nature, connect to nature, to learn how nature functions and resolves its challenges.

Be patient and grateful.

The Shen Foundation

Lötschberg Zentrum, Kippel (CH)

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