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How can I tame my emotions?

Going with the flow means having no expectations.

🤔Watch the expectations in your subconscious, observe and dig deeper, why you have these expectations. Do they come from a inner insecurity ?

🤫You are always by yourself and when you get dependent on somebody or something, this is wanting to be under control of your destiny, and not respecting your path that you need to go through.

😀 Being detached means have no opinion of good or bad. All is right and it is to be accepted in a humble way.

It is to learn to remain humble, while still executing your calling, regardless weather you have support or not. Not to lean and to walk straight following you calling.

Glacier melting 25.8.2022

Kippel, Switzerland

(home of Shen‘s new retreat place „ Lœtschberg Center“)

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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