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How can you review your behavior, in The Shenfoundation’s vision, to create a New Humanity?

It is to learn to monitor your thinking, your behavior, and introduce 4Times4health, to support the work of inner learning. It is first to learn to monitor yourselves as leader, for then monitor the others.

There is a separation of your true feelings of your heart, your natural design, and what is going on in your mind.

Distraction is causing low consciousness. You are too busy in action and too busy with being busy.

There is much lack of sleep of our society, to stay grounded.

How can you become more grounded to move to help consciousness increase and help people and yourself?

Calm down yourself. No expectation, no pushing, talk less and just be in presence and observe.

Learn to be with people without talking and feel the energy. Keep your energy high and stay in observation mood.

4Times4Health teaches you the respect of nature, and the learning of your virtues to be able to respect each other.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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