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How is the Earth situation doing?

I was asked this question by a friend and this is my answer:

Nature will collapse very strongly everywhere. You will see much flooding in Europe, the USA will have destructive storms with much water, China will have strong earthquakes and flooding. Much of the population of the earth will be struggling with natural disasters in 2022, more than the past years.

People are angry, in fear and impatient and there will be more social unrest in Western countries.

Two societies are building up, one struggling getting food, another sitting behind the screens becoming addicts.

The new generation is the most vulnerable, becoming addict, depressed, and burned out. There is no perspective in the future for the young. Spirituality is gone and they cannot hold themselves anywhere, to get rescue. They are drifting to no man’s land.

The Shen Foundation teaches the Dao and 4Times4Health, to society to connect back to nature and the Univers.

It will get decades to spread this message, but let’s create the cradle and put the seeds of New Humanity. Create a new society with more compassion and stronger Inner Leadership for the good of all. Bring calmness and serenity to our planet Earth.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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