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How successful people build up a successful team?

People will come to you and they come like small seeds, invisible, at first sight, you will not notice them. They will follow you without you knowing, in an invisible way.

You need to lead not expecting anything from any person. You follow the Dao by keeping your energy high.

All people who come to you are for a reason and you need to treat them with respect and inclusiveness.

Put a seed in them and feel how they feel, not how you feel. Accompany them in their journey with love and compassion, not with expectations and orders.

Guide them to overcome their fears and triggers. Don't judge and learn from them to overcome your fears.

We are all Ying and Yang, all with black and white parts in our life. All with mud and lotus flowers. It is to put the seed in the mud, to grow a lotus flower.

Discover the lotus flower of each person you encounter by accepting his muddy part. Don't block and shut down. Open your heart to learn what you need to learn. Embrace the good and bad.

How do successful leaders guide their people.

With compassion!

Ask the universe to help you.

Brigitte Burgisser

Photos Lyell Parry

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