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How to learn to become humble to be able to lead

If you are not humble, innate from your heart, you are in control, and not humble.

You need to learn to cultivate your soul, to be able to become humble.

🌟Understand who you are.

🌟Understand yourself and your darkness.

By asking these questions, it is the only way to change the situation and bring humbleness into society.

🧐 Why do you get into these situations?

🧐 Why do you have expectations? 🧐 Do you want to control the situation and the person? 🧐 How can you control your emotion?

🧐 Do you become pushy, to get the things done the way you wish, by getting upset or having negative thoughts?

Is it Fear? Fear of what?

Don't underestimate, your thoughts. That energy is perceived by the other person. The energy of your thoughts are subconsciously transmitted, are invisible, and here in the presence.

Learn to be relaxed to embrace the other person's evolution. Each person has its own way.

Be like water adjust yourself.

Learn to start from your family. When you get harmonious with your family, you'll be able. to deal with society.

Be compassionate and loving. Embrace yourself with what you discover. Forgive yourself and correct your behavior, see the change, observe the impact.

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