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How to stay in calmness during chaos?

Bring bright light into your body. Protect your Aura and stay centered inside you and not observing and engaging in what is going on outside you.

Visualize calmness and light into the top of your head and bring the light into your heart.

By you calming down yourself, this energy will spread out to your surrounding and will be healing and comforting for the close ones around you.

Stay centered and only concentrate on yourself. Let the other deal with their problem. Don’t engage into every detail and stay grounded in the universal vision.

What is happening around you is a vision of yourself. The chaos that you are creating yourself. If you engage you become part of the chaos.

Each person creates its own chaos or its own well-being. It is one’s own choice, how to deal with difficult situations.

By staying calm and centered your body heals, by bringing bright light into your interior, you smooth and calm your body and let it heal.

Society has forgotten, what calmness means about, and the importance of having a calm mind and having calm actions.

No action is action.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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