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Live in moderation. Why is this word resonating, so strong?

You need to learn to live in moderation, this is the only way that you can contribute to the preservation of nature and habitat. By always looking for reward and excitement, the world cannot recuperate and regenerate the loss of habitat and will extinguish more and more plants, flowers and animals.

By being moderate you still keep active, but much more balanced and also able to recuperate events and impressions in a fast growing environment.

By being more moderate, you create more calmness and serenity, this does not mean that you stop living, but you act more in consciousness and calmness.

Being more humble and moderate brings you more happiness. You will have the time to appreciate small things and admire the beauty of life.

By being more humble, your mind becomes more still and calm, more alert to details. You can live better in the presence, since you are not seeking for the next excitement but cherishing that very moment in life. Become grateful for what you live.

Brigitte Burgisser

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