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Nature speaks to us


Nature is waking up and this is only the beginning.

We cannot save the world only ourselves by learning to keep our energy in a high-level, learn to overcome hardship and thrive with a positive attitude.

Engage yourself with love and compassion for all, stay firm and centered.

Be loving and caring with yourself and your surrounding. When you get into anger or fear, breath slowly, and get into silence. Overcome your fear and anger and go deeper to the roots. Stay in harmony, no matter what.

It's happening for a reason for you to learn how to handle it in a new way, without blaming the others and asking yourself what is my reason for feeling this way?

Go to the source of yourself and the way you think, the way you act. Stay in calmness and enjoy.

Congratulations you are learning.

The Shen Foundation

Lötschberg Zentrum, Kippel

Hauptstrasse 16

3917 Kippel Switzerland


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