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New Humanity



You perceive a new human to be the best version of you, that you can be right now. This means you live with an open heart, in harmony with nature, in harmony with mankind, at one with the Universe. You understand your mission in life and are aware of the fears that you need to work through to learn your lessons and achieve your purpose. You live your life altruistically through being in balance with your ego, you have a deep respect for nature (living sustainably) and the natural flow of life. You act with integrity and honesty to yourself and others. You do your best to be trustworthy and share your wisdom. Best of all, You love living this life you have here on Earth.

So, is that you, really? Hell no, not by a long way. You are often unsure of yourse

lf, get stuck in the details of life, are fairly moody (even if it doesn't show). You have very high standards of living sustainably, you barely reach part of this ideal. However, a good part of it is real and it gets better with every lesson that comes your way.

So, that is your version of a new human. As for New Humanity?

Well, try to imagine if we all lived like this and there you have it.


Mankind has a history of building up civilisations over thousands of years, then reaching a critical point where the balance between head and heart seem to get out of balance. This can be seen in the way the ego loses its way and becomes greedy and tries to dominate and control nature and other people.

When a civilisation reaches its zenith, it will eventually fade away to make room for new ones in the same way that a flower blossoms, fades, but leaves seeds for new life.

This is the natural process on Earth, both for plant life and indeed humans.

Our current civilisation sits on the foundation of en

dless cultures that have gone before us, some that crashed horribly and some that thrived and moved on.

This civilisation is at a tipping point right now. The fulcrum is the balance between head and heart, that simple. Right now the balance is heavily loaded towards the head, greed and the lust for endless profit are the external signs of this. The planet is a mess, as is humankind.

We have been here before. Without addressing the situation, crash is inevitable. Some would say it is already too late. We have the power to make a difference.


The planet is going through her own evolution of consciousness, with or without us. You are not sure what this means in specific terms but seeing we are a part of the system here, you are sure that the better we sort ourselves out, the better it will be for Earth too.


We need to find our natural balance between head and heart. We have it in us, it is innate within all of us. In Daoist terms, this is being in the flow, the balance between action and non action.

It is learning to live with an open heart and then use the intellect to create the heart's wishes and not vice versa.


There are as many ways to find this balance as there are people on Earth. This is the foundation of what we refer to as New Humanity.

I just hope we can all create our own versions of this in time.


The vision of the Shen Foundation is to uplift humanity .

In practical terms there are courses available and running (4Times4Health), where we relearn the natural flow of energy in our bodies through understanding, when the time is optimal to work and when we need to rest. This leads us to be in harmony with our bodies, with nature and the natural flow of the Universe. The advent of the Industrial Revolution has taken most of us away from following this, resulting in stress, disease and a great dissatisfaction with life.

4Times4Health appears to be a very simple process and indeed the techniques are, but they lead to an ever deepening understanding of our true nature, what is causing disease in our bodies and how we can heal it.


The Shen Foundation is undergoing a process of expansion and consolidation at present. We are finding new ways to support mankind in this shift towards New Humanity.

Here are some of the things coming up:

Fireside chats

An idea inspired by President Franklin Roosevelt, where people who have a passion to improve humanity have a chance to share their ideas and possibly communicate and collaborate with each other.

Solstice and Equinox Retreats

When the Corona era is over, we will resume retreats for these special times of the year to help us regroup our energy.

Online Courses

  • The five Virtues

Altruism, Integrity, Respect, Wisdom and Fidelity (Trust).

  • Living Sustainably

A practical guide towards leading a zero carbon footprint, so we can truly say we live in harmony with nature.

This course covers every aspect of our physical presence on Earth from finding out if there is plastic in our toothpaste to our choice of transport, energy supply or choice of clothes we buy. It is a disturbing process but one we need to take if we are even half serious about living in harmony with nature.

The Shen Center

We have been looking for land for some time now, to establish a centre, where New Humanity can grow and flourish

and become a model for others to follow. This will be an experiment and who knows how far we can grow? We have found three different properties over the last two years, none of which have worked out for various reasons.

The form it takes remains to be seen. The important thing is that a group of

passionate people can live and work

together to see what they can create.

So there you have it for now. I hope that this writing has inspired you in some way or even created some inner disturbance (often healthy).

Any ideas, feedback and inspiration are always welcome.

Lyell McLean Parry January 2022

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