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Resource yourself in the Magic Valley, with calmness serenity and harmony

When I was in the middle of my chemotherapy, stuck in my bed, not knowing in which direction my life was going, my biggest enemy was my mind.

Daily I asked my monkeybrain to leave me alone with no vain.

A year later I encountered Dr. Guo Bisong a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor and Western Doctor, the author of "Listen to your Body" and "Internal Alchemy" and founder of The Shen Foundation in Scotland. She taught me 4times4health and how to listen to my body, mind soul, and open my heart to a new way of living.

Since 2017 I'm practicing daily this technique and lucky me, in total remission of my 4th stage cancer, enjoying my children and my life.

In 2022 with my daughters Jamilah and Dinah, we bought and donated the Lötschberg Hotel( from the Belle Epoque 1908), to create a center for The Shen Foundation.

It's not just us, The Shen Foundation is a whole team from around the world who are participating daily in physical presence and online, and sharing each individual experience and evolution, by learning how to go with the flow.

Dr Guo Bisong, Lyell Parry, people from around the world from Sweden, China, Australia, Scotland, Cameroun, Malaysia, Albania, Libanon, Venezuela, Belgium, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Costa Rica, Peru, Mexico, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Ukraine, Rwanda etc. are sharing and participating in this experience.

The Lötschberg Zentrum, waits for you to relax and experience the magic valley and discover your magic life. You can learn to find your inner peace and balance by discovering a practice which combines meditation, Qi-Gong and rests, and is called 4Times4Health.

You can learn to bring inner silence in you, and cope with more calmness your daily challenges.

Go with the flow.

Warm regards,

The Shen Foundation

Lötschberg Zentrum

Brigitte Burgisser

Hauptstrasse 16

3917 Kippel

Switzerland 🇨🇭


Stefanie Jaggi, Kippel 8.5.2023

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2 comentarios

Thank you Alex 💐

Me gusta

Dear Brigitte, thanks for sharing this personal life experience, that is amazing (but no one doubts for sure the power of Dr. Bisong teachings!) and congratulations for making this step for Shen Foundation. This summer I'll get back to Italy after more than 3 years spent in South America and I'll try to do my best to join again this beautiful family!

Me gusta
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