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How important are our thoughts?

Thoughts determine the outcome of a relationship or an action.

If you do not trust and think in a non-passionate way, that thought will happen.

If you trust and you don't force, then those things will happen.

We underestimate the force of our thoughts. Nobody teaches us to work on our thoughts and to monitor our thoughts.

Thoughts are extremely powerful and are key of success of our projects in life.

Learn to calm down your thoughts to become more stable and calm. Once you reach that state things will come to you.

Turn your thoughts to become trustful, respectful, integre, altruistic and wise.

Watch out each of these virtues, whether they are making essential part of your thoughts.

Monitor them on a daily basis, then Microsom becomes Macrocosm.

Brigitte Burgissee

Picture by Lyell Parry

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