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The power of your thoughts

🍀 You underestimate your power of thoughts. 🍀 You never learn about that tool,

even though this is determinant of what you live and do.

Eventhough you see the result, somehow you do not make any immediate relation to what happens to you.

You look at your life, as something exterior coming to you and do not relate it, to what you think and what you do.

Importance of living at every moment conscious of your thoughts and your actions. Your thoughts and actions determing about what comes next to your life.

✌If you have doubts and fears, those doubts and fears will arrive.

✌If your are fearless and visualize your wish without questioning and with trust, things will happen that way.

The only factor you don’t know is the timing.

This is the importance to trust and to be determined with your mission and your thoughts.

In these times of uncertainty, it is important to

🌟stay in calmness and serenity, to be very clear about what you want in life

🌟be able to be balanced and conscious of your thoughts and actions

to be able to lead your family and your team to the right harmonious direction for the good of all of you individually and as a society.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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