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Why is the world in denial ?

There is much talk and no individual action. All is put in the hands of the politicians and present leaders, who have lost compassion and integrity.

The change will only appear, when each individual takes its own responsibility.

People observe what the other does. Since the other is not doing anything, they don't realize that they are reflecting each other.

  • You need to take responsibility for your own actions and not count on what others do.

  • You need to question whether your actions are virtues and in line, you expect the others to be.

  • You are the only one who can make a change.

  • Look at your soul what she says, not your mind, your mind is corrupted by what is happening. Listen to your inner voice settle, calm down to be able to hear her and act upon.

  • You have a power to create a change by changing yourself first and get aligned with what you expect the others to be, by starting yourself to make the change.

How do I want “me“ to become?

  • A loving and caring person for myself and the others.

  • Be happy with myself and the others.

  • Living in calmness and serenity to share and care and be in harmony with myself and the others.

What about my black part?

  • Care and support the darkness of myself and the others, by just being an observer and not letting my energy be taken away.

  • Learning to embrace the dark side of life of myself and people.

  • Stay in observation and Love.

Brigitte Burgisser-Fuchs

Andy Warhol, Montreux exhibition

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