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Time to Rest

The animal kingdom is asleep,

Nature is asleep,

to regenerate and be reborn.

All is dead to start the cycle again.

Follow nature, stay calm and rest. Stay in the void and the cold. Sleep and regenerate your body and mind. Nature's blueprint is magic.

Modern society hast lost that knowledge. You are part of the system. Give yourself the gift of resting and resourcing yourself these coming days during sostice time the 21st of December.

👉 Jump out of the box of the social pressure, to be overactive and in consumption mood.

👉 Break out of the system of destruction you make part of.

💕 Be loving to yourself, not with material things but by giving you the permit to sleep in a warm bed, cocooning in a cold winter day.

Winter solstice, where we have the shortest days, is the time to take off and follow nature's pattern of dying and being reborn with new strength for the coming year.

Enjoy resting peacefully.

The Shen Foundation

Lötschberg Zentrum, Kippel (CH)

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