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Urgent times require change

It is time to make a difference.

Learn to give. Start with ourselves to reach a new well being and give a more substantial reason to why we earn money.

Giving new energy to money, by not using it as a tool for our own benefit, but to share it for the progress of humanity.

You're not asked to change your lifestyle and become poor, but to care for the ones, who are in extreme poverty and starving.

The two extremes are not sane, it is to create a balance.

By Donating you will create jobs, knowledge, opportunity, and stability, so every person in this world has a roof and food, by giving them the possibility to earn money by their own effort and means.

Shen Foundation is looking for funds to reach out to society to open hearts, with courses coaching and retreats to create a public awareness, by starting fireside chats, campaign's and conferences.

We are looking to create a community, to learn to work close with nature and become more grounded and introducing new technology. Combining old wisdom with new technology.

Our fundamental teaching is the Dao. The teachings of the Dao enhance the respect of nature and the respect to the human as an individual and as a society. This aspect needs to be reviewed in current society. Is new technology being invented for the purpose of profit or for the benefit of society's health, well being, and prosperity for all?

We are looking to coach people in companies to work, respecting their bodies and calming down to create a business model, which is more compassionate and in respect with nature and our blueprint of Earth by introducing 4Times4Heath into our lives and to heal our bodies and the Earth.

By reconnecting ourselves and respecting basic rules of nature we can recover our health and create a society with much more grounded values and virtues.

Why will our coaching help do away, with poverty and create opportunities?

Today's unease is that our society is overworked, stressed and in fear. Making decisions in such a state can only bring harm to our society, despite the best intentions.

The result of the last decades of decision making in all levels of society has caused an immense gap between wealth and poverty, climate change, health issues etc., - despite all resources our world offers.

By learning 4Times4health and how to listen to our body, we maintain a high level of energy. With high energy our decision-making is much more heart based, invigorating our well being and so therefore invigorating our decision making.

Microcosmos is Macrocosmos.

Shen Foundation teaches to connect to our spirituality by respecting each person's religious origin, and spiritual practices.

All is free will, each person has his own power to decide which way to go.



Budget Euro 10 Mio

Courses, Coaching, Retreats 3 Mio

Marketing & Advertisement 2 Mio

Conference, Community Center 3 Mio

Events 2 Mio


Brigitte Burgisser


+4176 4110858

Lyell Parry



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