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What did COP27 bring to us?

You have had an intensive week of reporting about COP27. What do you do about this? Nothing new has been revealed 

🧘‍♀️that we are all heading into a disaster

🧘‍♀️the corporate world's action is to slow in committing changes.

😉Integrity is missing. Why?

There are  so many things around to continue  humanitie's progress 

  • Good innovation 

  • Globally finances are not missing

But so much fear around what the future will bring.

Our society is overcrowded, so are the thoughts.

This greed is also causing illnesses in our bodies, stress, burnouts, diseases such as Huntington, Diabetes, Cancer, Parkinson, etc.  

The excess of our wishes are not only causing the world and nature to destroy, but also our bodies.

Microcosmos is reflecting Macrocosmos the quantum energy is all in a place, how to turn this energy into an energy that is healing for nature for the people in this world is the series of blogs we would like to share with you. 

Lötschberg Zentrum

Kippel, Switzerland

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