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What happened with people with mission?

Their mouth got shutdown. The leaders who were moving something, who wanted to make a change, were used by the system and are now being shut down.

There is no voice left of leaders with heart, who do not compromise with the system.

Oppression arrived in our system, there is no heart based leadership, effectively going into action for the well-being of the population.

Leaders have even become more absurd and more oriented to themselves. People who wanted to change something got green washed.

Leaders with mission need to review their agenda and ask what they are in for, did they achieve their original impulse and did they achieve their impact. Did they concede to the power of money and greed. Did they contribute and fuel the mismanagement of the corporate world and to the destruction of our society.

How can we save our society and our people?

By calming down, focus on our personal inner development and progress to harmony and altruism in our world.

Cherish nature, resource our energy with loving and caring people, with values. Select with who you want to be and who you spend time with, that is seeking for a change, respecting nature and his next one.

Surround yourself of people with heart and values, who are there for their neighbors and close ones.

Create your own small ecosystem that creates the peaceful and harmonious environment you want to have for you and your family.

Brigitte Burgisser

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