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What is the challenge of staying in the emptiness?

The desire to be in action.

You have learned in society, that being in action is the only way to be productive and profitable. Since invention of the screen, TV, computer, iPhone, etc. society lost the connection with the earth and nature.

It is not to get back to these times. It is to implement breaks into your life to compensate that lack of connection to the earth and your calmness, to be able to heal your bodies and minds of over activity and pressure.

4Times4Health connects you with the Blueprint of Earth, and allows you to bring that ancient wisdom into your daily life without disconnecting you from modern technology.

By meditating, resting and bringing the light into your body at a particular time of the day, according to Earths energetic cycle, you can heal your body very efficiently and create well-being and synchronicity into your daily life.

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Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)


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