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What is the role of money?

Money was invented to exchange goods.

👌As simple as that. 🧘‍♀️

👉What you have created, is partly the reason of the distruction of today's society and nature.

👉It is the cause of the problem of your society.

The wars, the greed, the manipulation, money has become the reason of the distruction of your humanity.

🍀 To be happy you don't need much money, it really just needs to be enough to exchange services, materials and to have a roof, food and health.

You converted money into a competition tool and power tool.

You think that thanks to money you created progress? To a certain extend yes, however, now you are in the brink of autodistruction, with the creation of AI which will destroy all you have created.

For example, declstructuve AI is being used in today's war zones and nobody is caring about it or worrying what is to come.

Greed and power has overtaken, with the change of role of money being just an exchange vehicle.

Each individual needs to reflect what role money plays in his life.

🧮 How much importance do you give to money, to live a decent life in harmony and peace. What do you really need to be happy, what is excess and power. Bring balance into that subject to feel lighter and more inner harmony.

Lötschberg Zentrum

Kippel, Switzerland

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