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Which are forms of controlling in family, business and society?

There is the form, which looks very obvious, where you impose things.

The other form of control is, when you withdraw and wait the other to come to you.

Do you want to have control over the other or have control over your own life?

When you have control over your own life, you do not push your opinion and impose your opinion. You go with the flow. You express and then let it go, and watch what comes back. The person will feel either resonant or not. If the person does not feel resonant, there is no point of pushing and convincing. If you push, you lose control over the other, since he is going to do the contrary or agree in anger

To have control over your life is to let go and not push. In this way things go easier, since you're not imposing your opinion to anybody, and so not creating negative karma. There is more harmony since every person can develop at its own pace.

Some develop in other direction, then what you wished they would do, and that is fine. That is their personal evolution. Each person is here to learn in its own way and there's no need to control the other. You only observe and concentrate in controlling your own action.

This way you will create harmony in you and live your life with what you personally need to learn. Control is about fear, lack of trust, lack of respect, lack of altruism and wisdom.

It is the lesson in live of letting go in action and thoughts.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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