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Why are we in such a mess?

Society has lost integrity.

Humanity lost connection to nature

Society is over-active at night, when nature and animals are asleep.

Being awake when the sun is gone weakens our organs and jeopardizes the body’s recovery creating negative emotions:

  1. A weak liver, creates anger

  2. A weak kidney, creates fears

  3. A weak lung, creates the feeling of grief

  4. A weak stomach, is the source of worries

This is ancient eastern wisdom of over 3000 years.

If people would sleep after 11 o’clock, decisions on personal levels, and on world leaders levels, would come out with more integrity, respect, wisdom and trust for all !

🔐 as long as our humanity does not realize that our body, mind and soul is interconnected with nature and nature cycles,

the world and our present humanity will reach a point of no return,

with climate change, wars, pandemics, famine and disasters, we never believed to be possible,

with divorces, cancer, burnout, depression, drugs, alcohol …. the list is long.

What can you do?

🍀 go and rest when the sun is gone

🍀 take breaks

🍀 go with the flow

🍀 sleep no later than 11pm

you are not a machine, you are a human being with:

🐣 emotions,

🐣 free will,

🐣 and responsibility

Each individual person can contribute to the recovery of earth, by reconnecting to nature, follow the sun and the moon and ultimately respect nature cycle.

Horrendous decisions are made due to lack of sleep, overwork, fatigue, and stress.

Earth is showing us the way, by providing pandemics, wars, famine etc. in an environment of abundance and endless possibilities.

The Shen Foundation

Brigitte Burgisser

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