Why did our world arrive to this indifference?

You all look for yourself, you look that you become happy, just yourself. Chasing for happiness by running after the money instead of chasing the happiness through sharing with others, your knowledge, your compassion and your griefs, in calmness and serenity.

There is no interest of how your parents do, your close family is doing, your children are doing.

If you do not cherish your closest one’s, how can you cherish the rest of the world ? You encounter yourselves with endless conflicts with your parents, close family members, forgetting that you’re born from their blood. You let them grow old by themselves.

You let your children be brought up by strangers for the sake of your own satisfaction to achieve a career. It is all about you and your achievements.

You start being so busy that you end up not knowing where to start and where to stop .

It is a society of overachieved individuals, who start becoming operational robots, with no hearts and conscious, just because you stopped caring for each other and caring for your material growth.

You have achieved a global polluted world, nature dying, animals extinguished. You created sickness in human and sickness in nature. Over constructed polluted your fields.

Now you need to wake up and look around you, what you created.

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