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Why do I get angry?

It comes from a very egoistic place. You're stubborn and without respect. You think you can change things with anger and the contrary is the case, you aggravate the situation. Anger comes from tiredness and lack of patience, lack of compassion and wanting everybody to do or have the same opinion as you.

Anger creates separation and grief. Anger creates illness and imbalance.

The counterpart of anger is compassion, comprehension and love. It is to learn of the others opinion, check where that opinion comes from. Is it out of being themselves in a angry state, or is it out of fear?

Where does the anger come from?

- You are angry because you have an opinion, which does not correspond to the others opinion.

- You made a conclusion out of your knowledge and observation, and does not correspond to the other's knowledge and observation.

Have you found out, why the other is acting that way ? Have you found out the background of his conclusion?

Once you put yourself in the other's skin, you practice compassion, love and patience. You'll find out that having his information you might conclude similar. Not all is black and white, you have a free will and you get different information in life and all lives are different. Each person's life is a package of events, that forms the person's character and emotions.

Respect the other person, stop being controlling and stubborn, be compassionate with the other and patient. Anger comes out of fear, fear of not being protected because you do not believe in the other's opinion or action.

Practice calmness and go to bed before 11pm. Put your feet in hot water (bathtub or bucket) to nourish your organism and relax. Make sure you are in a deep sleep between 1am and 3am, a crucial time to recover. When you respect these times of your night, your mind will calm down and you will acquire trust and respect. You will be able to face challenges with more serenity and calmness. Life will become more easy.

How can anger make move things in a global vision?

Anger creates movement, reflection, discomfort, it makes move things. Anger in society can create an uprising and a rebellion a waking up and much movement.

Anger comes from a deep desire of change of having had enough of observing something unpleasant. It is getting out of the observing state of accepting a situation that is unpleasant.

It makes move things and destructs the present situation, to make a change and move on from that state.

Anger can be positive energy to make things move. If you're happy with your present situation, maintain stillness to reflect on the changes that need to be done to bring more harmony in our society.

- If anger comes up changes will come with violence.

- If stillness prevails changes will come with more harmony.

It is your choice to choose the way you want to create changes. Life and society is in an eternal movement. Faster or slower, up to you to choose, which pace to take, with anger or with harmony.

Brigitte Burgisser

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