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Why do you need to wake up?

You are all the same, here to learn to protect and be protected.

It is for you, business community, to wake up and learn to protect now the weak, the way you protected the wealthy.

You were all in the Yang (male) and it's time to develop your Ying (female) side.

The world is in trouble and needs your support. It is how to support personalities and leaders, who are sacrificing their lives for the opening of the heart of humanity.

It is to call for a wake-up to what does it mean, to be here for the other.

Understand the suffering of the others and embrace and support.

Be courageous to speak out, be courageous to support the people who speak out, and are in line of what they say.

Stay in calmess and embrace.

Brigitte Burgisser (Fuchs-Kahn)

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