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Why should we each individually go into the detail?

Many people are very impressive and good hearted, searching to find a way to bring peace to the world.

After thousands of years, not much has changed despite the effort to do so.

You should start teaching your community, how to create each individually the change in himself.

How to learn to bring the peace individually into your personal lives, to create a thriving effect into society.

Your heart is open, now, it is to work on each individual's pattern.

You're all born with your light and your darkness.

It is to work to become more balanced, more in peace with yourself, by learning to respect each other, trust each other, become more spiritual and live love with an open heart and work on your integrity.

By learning these behaviors, you'll create more harmony in yourself, your bodies will heal, your mind will calm down and your wisdom will grow.

You are all in a world, where there is much judgment, anger fear grief and lack of trust. It is to start with yourselves to provoke a change towards peace to the planet.

You're here in a testing playground, where you all have free will and you all are each individually responsible of your own actions, not the actions of the others.

Brigitte Burgisse-Fuchs (Kahn)

Brigitte Burgisser-Fuchs (Kahn)

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