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Sustainable Living

4Times4Health for a Harmonious Planet

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Course Description: In a world grappling with environmental challenges, the need for sustainable living has never been more crucial. "Sustainable Living: 4Times4Health for a Harmonious Planet" is a transformative course designed to empower individuals to contribute positively to the planet's well-being. Led by renowned environmental advocate Lyell Parry, this course aims to instill the values and practices necessary for creating a sustainable lifestyle. Motivation: Lyell's passion for fostering sustainability serves as the driving force behind this course. His dedication to making a tangible impact on the planet motivates him to go beyond superficial solutions and address the root causes of environmental issues. He believes that genuine change starts with individuals, and by transforming our lifestyles, we can collectively create a sustainable future. Course Objectives: 1. Holistic Wellness with 4 Times 4 Health: • Explore the concept of 4 Times 4 Health, a time management program designed to synchronize personal activities with natural rhythms. • Understand the interconnection between personal health and the health of the planet. • Learn stress reduction techniques and practices to foster a balanced and harmonious life. 2. Qi-Clock Progression: • Examine the concept of Qi-Clock and its relevance to sustainable living and health in Chinese medicine. • Implement practical strategies to align personal activities with the natural flow of energy for optimal health. Course Structure: The course is divided into modules, each focusing on a specific aspect of sustainable living. Participants will engage in interactive discussions, hands-on activities, and guided reflections to internalize the principles of 4Times4Health, virtues, and their connection to health in Chinese medicine. Emphasis will be placed on actionable steps, encouraging participants to go beyond theoretical knowledge and implement sustainable practices in their daily lives. By the end of the course, participants will not only gain a comprehensive understanding of sustainable living but also acquire the tools needed to be proactive agents of positive change for the planet and their own well-being.

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Hauptstrasse 16, Kippel, Switzerland

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