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The Shen Foundation's History

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Creation of The Shen Foundation with its mission, values and action plan for the long term to come


Conferences and Seminar:


Immunity from Pandemics: Protecting Yourself and Your Community 

Findhorn, Scotland​

Wellbeing and Chinese Medicine Symposium    

Beijing, China​

Health, China and the World Seminar  

Oxford University, England



Health for Humanity Conference  

Holistic Approaches to Pandemic Response  

Aviemore, Scotland​


Running Heart Based Training Holding workshops and retreats out of Shen's base in

Scotland to help people connect with their bodies and connect to universal wisdom.​


Community Project & Training Center

Design Stage

Developing a structure for community training, that is heart based in design.

Working out the logistics of putting the core training into action. 

Fireside Chat inspired by Franklin D.Rosevelt

Conferences with speakers who are experts in their fields, in order to paint a deeper

picture of the issues the planet faces and the potential solutions that are available. 


on 4Times4Health to support the community during pandemics


Creation of the Lötschberg Zentrum, a holistic community center nestled in the heart of the Swiss Magic Valley of Lötschental. The center is a place for those seeking to connect with themselves and others on a deeper level, and to be part of a new humanity that values the health of mind, body, and soul.

​Kippel, Switzerland

The Team


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