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90 Days Qi Gong


2'500 CHF


90 Days

About the Course

The Shen Foundation offers a 2.5 year program designed to help you cultivate serenity and harmony in your daily life, fostering a deeper sense of self-love and inner peace. This transformative journey incorporates ancient wisdom spanning over 3000 years, drawing from Traditional Chinese Medicine, teachings of the DAO, Lao Tse, Confucianism, and the Buddha. By learning to listen to your body, you will also embark on a path of physcial healing and well-being.

The 1st year you will learn to integrate 4 exercises called 4Times4health, in your daily life, which we will accompany you to learn to integrate in your personal surrounding, to create more balance and less stress.

The 2nd year, you will study the organic clock, learn to listen to your body and the messages you get to correct and heal yourself at the same time by continuing 4times4health.

The 3rd year you will be introduced to the five virtues: Altruism, Integrity, Respect, Wisdom and Trust, and the relation to your organs, the organic clock, and the practice of 4Times4Health.

The aim is to find your inner peace, serenity heal yourselves, to be able to be of service to the others, with a more balanced energy, with love and care.

Each quarter (90 days) costs CHF 2500.- or a donation according to your means. You are free to drop out at any time. The teaching is based on free will.

Every qusrter includes:

  • 1h weekly personal session (zoom or present at the Lötschber Zentrum)

  • Daily WhatsApp message coaching

  • 1 week-end at the Lötschberg Zentrum in the heart of the Swiss Alps

  • Free membership with access to all material, meditation, podcast, excercises, reading suggestions, movie suggestions etc

  • Access to participation on our weekly Wednesday evening zoom meeting at 20h CET on Lao Tse quotes and how we perceive them in our daily lives.

You can get reimboursed daily by CHF 10.- for each day you have successfully done the the exercises of 4Times4Health.

The courses are given by Lyell Parry and Brigitte Burgisser, with collaboration and insights of Dr Guo Bisong, the founder of The Shen Foundation.

For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Instructor

Brigitte Bürgisser

Brigitte Bürgisser

Meet Brigitte Bürgisser, an inspiring practitioner of Qi Gong, whose journey began in 2017 under the guidance of renowned expert Dr. Guo Bisong. Brigitte's story is one of resilience and healing, having overcome stage 4 Lymphatic cancer with the transformative power of Qi Gong.

Driven by her personal experience, Brigitte's dream was to establish a Shen Foundation center where she could share the profound practices of Qi Gong. She envisioned a space where individuals could embrace a new way of living, empowering their body's natural healing abilities and fostering overall well-being.

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