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Do the things with generosity and not half hearted

When you promise something, give your entire energy into it. Believe in it, have no doubt and do not go back and question your intention. The more power of conviction, certainty and selflessness is implemented in the action, the more you will attract results in a positive way.

No doubt, no questioning, no hesitation. Trust and believe and wait. Give the message to the universe with clear thoughts, consistent action, calmness and patience.

Learn to listen to your body. Are you in quietness, calmness and serenity? Only in that state you will be able to attract and achieve what you want.

If doubt, nervousness, greed or control interfer into your mind, the attraction will disappear and things will not happen.

Our mind needs to stay in calmness and peace, centered and loving. It is all about love and your attitude.

What kind of energy money has ? It gives power and responsibility. It gives possibilities and can create greed. The energy of money is very strong and it is very challenging to manage.

Brigitte Burgisser

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